Presidential Proclamation of April 22, 2020

Below is the link to the latest executive order by President Trump, effective today, April 23, 2020.

Here is a re-cap of what the immediate effects are:

  1. Non-immigrant visas are not affected. So, visas may still be granted to students (F, J, M), visitors (B visas), employment H1B, O-1, J, L-1, E1, E2 visas, etc.
  • Immigrant visas will not be issued for 60 days; except immigrant visas can be issued for the following groups:
    • Spouses or children under 21 of US citizens
    • Healthcare professionals and their families
    • EB-5 investment based green card applicants
    • Those whose work would be of national interest to the US
    • Special immigrants, families of armed forces, and a few other categories
  • Individuals currently inside the US are not affected. These cases will continue to be processed and should continue to completion.
  • Those who may be outside the US but already have Immigrant Visas issued, are not affected.
  • Green card holders, even if outside the US, are not affected.
  • Those who have travel permit, advance parole documents or boarding foils are not affected.
  • Refugee/asylum applicants are not affected (other than prior limitations through past executive orders).
  • So, Immigrant Visa applications which are affected and put on hold for the next 60 days, include:
  • Immigrant visa applications for families of green card holders
  • PERM employment-based immigrant visa applications (other than healthcare or national interest waiver applicants)
  • Immigrant visa applications for parents, siblings and adult children (over 21) of US citizens
  • Diversity visa applications

*Please keep in mind that all US embassies/consulates across the world are currently closed for services due to COVID-19 and only emergency services are being provided. As such, all visa processing are currently on hold due to COVID-19.  We will keep you posted of any new developments and once US embassies and consulates re-open and restart operations.

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