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If you are considering moving to the US, obtaining a green card or residing in the US for extended periods, you need to consider the tax consequences before making such a move. This is especially true if you are applying for immigration to US based on EB5 investment green card , E2 business visas or L1 intercompany transfers.

If you have significant income or assets abroad, you must consider the effects of global taxation before moving to the US or getting your green card. It is wise to discuss your long terms plans with an experienced attorney and a tax advisor familiar with international tax laws.

Once residency status has been obtained, for tax purposes, this status will continue, even if you are not present in the US. You are still responsible to file taxes and report global income and assets.

There are international tax treaties available which can benefit certain people who may be residing or working in other countries while being a US resident or US citizen.

Please contact our office to set up a consultation to discuss any concerns regarding immigration to US under business visas, EB5 investment visas, E2 treaty business visas, L1 intercompany transfers or employment based immigration to the US and the tax considerations related to immigrating to the US.

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