Trump’s election deeply concerns the immigrant community

Subsequent to Donald Trump’s election to the presidency of the United States of America, we have received many messages and phone calls, clearly demonstrating that his election has created much concern and anxiety among the immigrant community in the US as well as intending immigrants from other countries.

What Mr. Trump will try to do during his presidency regarding immigration laws and policies of the United States is still unclear. However, his rhetoric during his campaign have concentrated on building a wall to prevent illegal immigration into the US and the deportation of undocumented immigrants, concentrating first on those convicted of crimes. He has not indicated he will prevent legal immigration. Further, the Department of State already conducts stringent background checks on applicants for visas to the US and we don’t expect extreme changes in their policies and practices.

However, the tone of Mr. Trump’s campaign has some documented and interested immigrants concerned. While most changes to the immigration laws would likely take months, or even years to implement, we are nevertheless recommending for those who are eligible to transfer to a more stable immigration status, to do so now.

Therefore, if you are a qualified US permanent resident, you should consider applying for US citizenship. If you are on a temporary visa, you should similarly consider transitioning to permanent residency, if possible. Please contact our office to discuss your options and plan of action. Appointments are best arranged through emailing us at:

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