These categories of employment based visas or investment visas are non-immigrant visas. Many times an applicant will file for this visa with the aid of an employer who is giving them a job offer, prior to coming to the US. In other cases, the applicant may already be in the US under a different type of visa or they may be changing employers.

We will work with your employer in getting all the steps completed so that you can obtain your work visa as quickly as possible. Generally, we can obtain a visa for your spouse and children as well so that they can accompany you to the US or remain here and study while you are on your work visa.

In yet other cases, an applicant determines to invest in a US business and obtain temporary residence and work permit through the business investment.

Important to Note: It is possible to change status to a different category of visa or apply for permanent residence visas, however, it is imperative that you speak to us about your intentions so that we can determine the best path for you and your family. We are here to help and the best mean to provide that assistance to you is by discussing your future short term and long term plans prior to starting your case. We will help prepare you at each step of the way, including discussing and informing you of the consular interview or USCIS interviews you would be attending.

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