Latest advice to green card holders:

  1. Don’t travel out of US till laws are settled.  Too much uncertainty now.  
  2. There’s also a rumor that additional countries, considered to “harbor” terrorists, may be added to the visa/travel ban list. 
  3. If you are eligible for citizenship, apply!

All Travelers: 

  1. If you can travel without your computer & phone, don’t bring  them with you. 
  2. If you have to bring them, save a back up and clean out any sensitive info off of your computer and phone. 
  3. Put a temporary password you don’t use on any other accounts and if asked at border to unlock them, do it privately & protect your password. 
  4. You can ask to talk to a lawyer if your questioning seems to go beyond normal entry questions. Have # of ACLU lawyers or your own lawyer at hand.
  5. Do not sign any forms at border, which may give up your green card status.  Ask to go before a judge. 

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