L-1 visas are US visas available to executives, managers and specialized employees moving to their employer’s US affiliate sites. The qualified employee must have worked for the company or its affiliates for at least one year out of the last three years. L visas are issued initially for one to three years, with two year extensions possible. L-1 visa holders may apply for permanent residency without jeopardizing their L-1 visa status, so if we can obtain a US visa for you under the L category, you may move to the US, start working here and at the same time, if you so choose, we may start working toward your green card or permanent residence status at the same time.

The transferring employee may be accompanied or followed by his or her family (spouse and unmarried children who are under 21 years of age) under the L-2 nonimmigrant category. Spouses of L-1 workers may obtain work permits and work authorization.

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