EB-3 Category – Skilled Workers, Professionals and Other Workers

This category of immigrant visas is intended for:

  1. Skilled workers – who must show at least two years of experience in the specific field.
  2. Professionals – who must have a baccalaureate degree (required for the job and for the foreign person).
  3. Other Workers may qualify for a job which requires less than two years experience in the field. (Please note that this category normally has longer waiting times for visas to become available.)

Again, similar to EB-2s, this immigrant visa category generally requires obtaining a Labor Certification and approval (a finding that there are not sufficient US workers who are able, willing, qualified and available for the position being offered) prior to filing for Permanent Residence Status. And, again, our experienced staff at US Immigration Legal Services, will assist you and the employer in each step of the process.

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