E-2 Visa application by USILS Visa attorney

E-2 US visas are non-immigrant based on treaties between the US and the applicant’s home country. The E-2 visa allows for an investor or their executive to move and work in the US to develop or supervise a business in which he/she has substantially invested.

There are certain qualifications which need to be met and we, at US Immigration Legal Services, will review your company’s and your qualifications and review these with you to ensure a higher degree of success for you under the E-2 visa category. We work with other experts in the field, such as CPAs, business plan writers, etc. to ensure that your E-2 visa application is in optimal condition for review by the consular or USCIS officer.

E-2 visas are generally issued for up to 2 years and can be renewed for up to 2 year increments, indefinitely. We can assist you in keeping updated with your visa status and renewals. E-2 Visa holders can have their families (spouse and children under 21) join them under the same visa and spouses can obtain work permit authorization as well.

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